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- Základní deska Asus K8U-X nabízí slušný výkon pro platformu Socket 754 za příznivou cenu. Je vhodná . Základní deska ASUS K8U-X / SATA / sk.754 / 800, AGP8X, ATX

AGP 2X vs. AGP 4X - Intel 440BX 133MHz Motherboard Roundup ... AGP 2X vs. AGP 4X. Another one of the paper advantages the i820 and Apollo Pro 133A chipsets hold over the old 440BX is their support for AGP 4X transfer modes which are theoretically twice as ... Slot AGP Meskipun demikian, AGP Pro tidaklah kompatibel dengan AGP biasa: kartu grafis AGP 4x biasa memang dapat dimasukkan ke dalam slot AGP Pro, tapi tidak sebaliknya. Selain itu, karena slot AGP Pro lebih panjang, kartu grafis AGP 1x atau AGP 2x dapat tidak benar-benar masuk ke dalam slot sehingga dapat merusaknya. A+ hardware chapter 4 Flashcards | Quizlet

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An 8x AGP card in a 4x slot? | Yahoo Answers The AGP 3.0 specification defined 1x, 2x, 4x and 8x speeds with the 1.5v keyed connector or a 1.5v AGP Universal / Pro connector. Each up-grade is a supper-set of the 1x mode, so 4x will also support the 1x speed. The base clock rate is 66MHz, but to achieve to 2x, 4x, and 8x speeds the clock is doubled each time. La biblia de las placas PCI-E (1x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 2.0, 3.0 y más) Como puede verse en cualquier mother y gracias a la compatibilidad tanto electrónica como lógica podemos conectar cualquier placa en un slot 16X, casi todas en un 8X, placas de 4X y de 1X en los slots 4X y solamente las de 1X en los slots 1X. Ah, y la compatibilidad “hacia atrás” de las placas suele ser muy buena también.

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AGP was introduced as a higher-speed alternative to PCI, and it freed up a PCI slot for another peripheral device. The original AGP standard (AGP 1x) provided a data transfer rate of 264 MB/sec. AGP 2x, 4x and 8x increased the rate to 528 MB/sec, 1 GB/sec and 2 GB/sec. See AIMM, PCI Express, PC data buses and motherboard. Совместимость стандартов AGP , а также рассмотрен...

@RedStarZ24 wrote: The 9700 AGP Video card I have has 2 notchess, but I'm buying a 9600Pro to replace it. The 9600 only has 1 notch in the board, will it work in my 8250?Tehe 9600 says 1X/2X/4X/8X and I have a 4X slot in my 8250, so I'm the 9600Pro will work, but it can't hurt to ask the proffessionals.Thanks,

Info on AGP slots and their voltage | guru3D Forums AGP 2.0 slot supports 1x and 2x at 3.3v AGP 2.0 slot supports 4x at 1.5v AGP 3.0 slot supports 4x at 1.5v AGP 3.0 slot supports 8x at 0.8v AGP 2.0 and 3.0 cards and slots overlap nicely. Hardly anyone has sold an AGP 1.0 anything for a couple of years now. The only real 'bender' to these rules is that some boards based on Intel chipsets with an ... 1x/2x compatible with 4x/8x | [H]ard|Forum nope wont work, AGP 1x/2x works off of 3.3 volt, AGP 4x/8x( and the 4 8x PRO cards that i know of) work off 1.5 volt standerds. The easy way to tell if a mb can support 4x/8x is if the MB suports agp 3.0 standards by using a program like CPUZ and checking under mainboard.

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AGP 8X card in 2X slot | AnandTech Forums: Technology Mar 12, 2019 · 8x and 4x runs at lower volts than 2x and 1x AGP cards. basically if you put a 4x/8x AGP 2.0 card into one of those AGP 1.0 slots (1x/2x) you'll mostlikely end up damaging the AGP 2.0 card it happend to me once if you are lucky the card will be fine, but you wont be able to use more than 640x480 else you get reboot all the time 8x card; 2x slot - Dell Community IF I BOUGHT AN AGP 8x graphics card could i install it in my AGP 2x computer. I KNOW THAT IF I CAN IT WOULDN'T RUN AT ANY SPEED FASTER THAN 2x BUT CAN YOU STILL USE IT IN AN AGP 2x SLOT. I HAVE A DIMENSION XPSR400 w/256ram;40gig hard drive;500MHZ PENTIUM II;Video cards upgraded many times to AGP2x cards.

Anyway, the machine in question is a Compaq Deskpro EN, with a PIII 1GHz cpu, 256MB ram, and an AGP slot with an nVidia Riva TNT Pro 16MB video card in it. Oh, and it's dualbooting Windows XP Pro and Windows 98SE (the latter for some really old games and a few other older programs). Accelerated Graphics Port - Wikipedia